Black Squares Game [1.40] [SOLVED]

Maybe Wednesday if the schedule holds

Please do not use others illnesses as rationale to vent your frustration.
The black squares issue is highly highly unlikely to trigger photo sensitive epilepsy. No more than the lightening is during the rain or the sun appearing from behind clouds or trees.
You need to have an understanding of the condition and it’s frustrating when people make assumptions about it.

Whilst appreciating the blank squares is frustrating is not so widespread that an immediate patch would be required. It’s only triggered under certain circumstances and is no so detrimental such as something like BT issues connecting devices for example.


Because we do updates every 2 weeks and generally this wouldn’t be seen as an issue serious enough to put out a patch ahead of that schedule.

Looking at Wednesday. Staggered release (like the last ones) over 48-72 hours.


The response from Zwift has been good and a fix is available 2 weeks after the initial report. I’d say thats far from lacking.
Things do not break every release and in the name of progress sometimes things happen. You seem to overlook all the good things new releases bring.
I do have a good idea of the issue, I’m on here and other places enough to get a take on things.

And no it’s not happening to 100% of Windows users. And of course it’s a Zwift issue, nobody has tried to apportion the issue to anything else such as graphics cards, windows etc…

For someone who’s not frustrated you sound kind of …frustrated.

Only 5 more sleeps and a fix should be available.

I’m a Windows user. I’ve only seen it happen once and I use Zwift a lot.


Like I said I am not frustrated because I had not even been on Zwift and wrote that reply. Since then I had ridden on Zwift and definitely saw the squares. It didn’t really have an impact on my ride as the squares were smaller and just random.

So yeah you need to stop trying to project if people are frustrated or not because I am not.

When you scroll up though and see screenshots that are taking up alot of peoples screen then that is a bigger issue for them

If Zwift has already got a fix for it and they could fix it that quickly then there is nothing stopping them pushing through a small fix to everyone outside of the usual schedule to resolve an issue. Why does it need to wait?

Releases require a large number of people to be present for them to be deployed. This takes time away from the other things they would be doing which are for the benefit of all Zwifters. This is why we do it on a release cycle.

If it was a critical bug affecting everyone, it would be all hands to the pump to fix asap. This issue doesn’t warrant that.


Be surprised. It’s not happening to me.

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These are valid complaints that impair the user experience. Zwift ought to allow a % of the monthly subscription bill credited toward those customers. It’s the ethical thing to do for TV/internet companies, or else the customer can threaten to cancel their membership completely.

Else, customers pay full dime/penny for an incomplete experience. Who likes burning money?

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[quote=“Daniel Jamrozik [+R], post:52, topic:607133, username:Daniel_Jamrozik”]
It’s the ethical thing to do for TV/internet companies

I really like to be on your tv/internet provider, mine just say sorry we’re aware of the situation currently working on a fix.

I had one black square in probably 12hours of riding and my wife non in 7hours of riding. My test machine watching RP’s for many hours had non.

Yes it was awful to see the black square even if it was just for a little bit.

Detailed enough article

And likewise would you be happy paying a little more each time a new feature is added?

It works both ways and whilst i appreciate somebody’s ISP going down can have financial issues for those running a business I’m not sure having the odd black square on screen counts as a major issue that warrants financial reimbursement.


I agree it goes both ways. However, as you say, Zwift is a business.

Customers have every right to complain because its their money given for a service. Everyone has varying expectations. That said, it shall be expected Zwift receieve criticism and poor reviews when the customer is not satisfied. That’s basic business. Ignore a large collection of customers? Prepare to go out of business. Get sufficient amounts of bad company reviews? Maybe company stocks plummet

I’m one who encourages both viewpoints. I despise bias towards one side — which in my opinion, I see evidence Zwift defends their inclusion for bugs on the platform. If this were an open source, free of charge platform, then OK.

[quote=“Daniel Jamrozik [+R], post:56, topic:607133, username:Daniel_Jamrozik”]
Zwift defends their inclusion for bugs on the platform

Zwift does lots of testing to minimize these bugs.

But not all of them are caught, like this black Square it has been hours of riding before I saw it, and up to now I could only get it on one instance.

But yes people have the right to complain.

Have to disagree on that. But this black square bug is about as minor as it gets and certainly doesn’t warrant the level of complaining around it. Rode for an hour with the less-popular Coco this morning and didn’t get one black square.

I had this until I updated my graphic drivers, which made the black square’s disappear…windows 11 with nvidia graphics card…

1.40 release was basically mostly relegated to fixing bugs intro’d in 1.39 (I think that the RP redesign was the only feature added). It’s sounding like 1.41 will be in turn mostly relegated to fixing bugs intro’d in 1.40.

Hi Gerrie- this would actually be worse. It would suggest that valuable resources are being deployed and are ineffectual because of people, process, or tech, issues.

I would be happy to work with Zwift to evaluate their testing against industry practices and see where the gaps exist.

I’d also encourage them to self assess against capabilities on

For me, the most concerning element of the bugs is not that they happen it’s that they come back time and time again. I don’t care if black squares show up but this bug first arrived in Innsbruck 2years ago and has appeared on Watopia 2-3x.

I am however concerned about the hard crash bugs at finish lines and on results screen filtering.

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It’s true there have been some bugs in recent releases.

However the fact we’ve moved to a fortnightly update schedule will seek to minimise the impact these have.

Obviously if a bug is severe the patch can be pushed out earlier but that games away valuable resources from the development team.

It’d be unfair to expect something new every fortnight. New features are months in development and we’ve already got an idea of what’s on horizon with the Climb portal etc…
It might be 2 steps forward and 1 back but that’s inevitable with progress on such a complicated piece of software.