Black Squares Game [1.40] [1.41]

Large black squares pop up in the middle of the group pack on my windows 11 machine. Just started with.
1.40 update.

Thanks, I’ve flagged this with our team.

I had this tonight too, started with Robo Pacer after a good 10-15mins and got worse and worse quickly, it continued when I joined a race pen but then stopped with a game reboot (not PC reboot as I didn’t have time) and never came back even when joining Coco again for 20mins after the hour of racing.

I had this today, Zwift on Windows.

It appears to be related to the number of avatars being drawn. In my case C pacer about 70ish participants. Up to a half dozen squares at a time.

Backing off from the group and the number of squares dropped.

One of my events (Tiny Race) also had them.

Restarted Zwift after that, and it worked ok for the next hour and a half.

Same here, I was just on the Saturday Donut Ride with the HERD and the black squares were really bad in the bunch on the reverse titans kom. Video attached.

Also when we got to the end of titans, a number of the riders turned left unexpectedly and were lost to the desert…

Fixed in 1.41.

Sorry folks, this one is a bit annoying.


Since the latest update that I got yesterday May 20th, I get random flashing black square on screen.

Not full screen. Always above the riders. But not always the same place according to my position.

On Pc. Windows 10 up to date.

Is this a know bug ? See pic. I was able to get a pic with the black square. Not easy at it flashes non stop.

I’m not one to join the Zwift bashing but it does baffle me how something this blatant and widespread makes it out on a release which was all about fixing the last bugs…. :man_shrugging:t2: it’s tough to defend I’m sure.

Perhaps it’s not as widespread as you might think. Sure there are multiple reports but what percentage of Zwift users aren’t affected?

People don’t come on here to post that they haven’t got a particular bug.

Although out of interest i don’t have the black square bug.

Several posts on here, several posts on different FB groups, many people complaining of it on the in game chat…… seems widespread enough to me that it should have easily been picked up prior to release.

As I said I really am not one to complain normally but this just seems pretty basic I’m afraid. :smirk:

It’s not widespread. I’ve Zwifted for about 4 hours since the release and only seen this for about 5 minutes.

I think certain conditions have to be met for it to be visible.

Anywhere in the dark/dusk so the rear light is on; on a PC is pretty much all you need as far as I can tell……. I’m repeating myself but really not a lot of testing needed to catch it. Just silly given the mess of the last release.

I think you have made your point.

I think it’s rather widespread. I did an hour and a bit session yesterday and it bothered me as well. The thing is intermittent and only small percentage of affected users will be annoyed enough to post about it on reddit/fb or here. I wasn’t going to complain till I found this thread were Zwift employee is playing it down. Anyway I understand there’s been a lot of code changes recently and bugs can happen. Just this one is very annoying and should’ve been detected during testing.

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I’m not playing it down - I said it was an annoying one, but I also gave an example from my own riding of how much time I actually had the issue for.

Not sure its fixed - I still had the flashing black squares after the update this morning… admittedly not for the whole ride so agree its not widespread.

It isn’t fixed - it’s due to be in the next update.


@James_Zwift is right. It’s not triggerd always. I also only encountered it a few minutes. Was still annoying, yes. But errors can happen and the Zwift Staff has a huge landscape of possible combinations to test. That can’t be done everytime imo.

They still humans after all, although they try hard to make everything look robotic (do you like the new look James? I miss blue translucent Coco :wink:)

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Had it in a race today (1.40.0). It flickers so much, couldn’t see attacks.

Thought at first it may have been a robopacer when I had it last week.
Then today it was on a single rider, every time they came on screen, the square followed them. Wondered if they had some strange character in their name when their name tag came on screen or something, but it actually looks like it comes from the rear light.



SYN ride just now - same thing one rider seemed to trigger it had blacked out rear light and he appeared to drag the flickering black box with him - he said he had no issues his end :person_shrugging:

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