Black screenshots a the end of the ride [February 2024] [Android 1.58]


Just got myself a new mobile, samsung S24 - and i encounter issues with zwift. automatic screenshots @the end of a ride are always showing black images as fare as the data fields are included.

When i switch off the data fields by clicking on the upper right picto, imaga appears but without any data.

It was and still is working file on my previous mobile.
Authorisations for camera and locations are both authorised, in the zwift app & in the companion app.

Don’t seem to find the solution;
Anyone with the same issue and even better solution? :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forums, @Gregory_Rasschaert! Thanks for flagging this. I appreciate the time invested in trying to get this resolved.

While we review it, I suggest using the previous workaround you already found. At the end of the activity, when you see the black screenshots, please click the green graph icon in the corner of the “SAVE YOUR RIDE” screen to save the clean screenshots.

I have the same problem. Ive been advised its a known bug and to look out for an update when it will be fixed