Black rectangle in Innsbruck?

Hi Guys

I noticed on my visits to Innsbruck I occasionally see a black rectangle covering the main center section of my avatar, anyone else noticed this or should I be looking locally to resolve?


Never seen that. Maybe update your graphics driver if you can. 

Thanks Nigel. Just updated the GTX 1080 driver and the GeForce Experience overlay, see if makes any difference.

As far as I can make out, this rectangle only appears at one place on the Innsbruck course and only on the Innsbruck course.

If the Zwift guys are interested the issue starts around 25 seconds in and ends about 37 seconds in. The black rectangle appears to ‘flash’ and disappear a few times. Not a major issue just strange.  

Gonna have me a ride around Innsbruck tomorrow, see what happens.

Will drop a message here with results.

Thanks again.

Ride On!

An update to the ‘black rectangle’ issue in Innsbruck.

Updated all drivers that were ‘updateable’ - ran through all the usual checks and made some comparable graphics software diagnostics. No errors detected.

Findings - the ‘black rectangle’ issue is still apparent.

So onto some diagnostic stuff - I’ve honed down the issue to one component of the Innsbruck course.

The rectangle only appears from a single camera view/angle, from behind the avatar, low and to the left of the rear wheel, unfortunately, my preferred view point. All other camera angles are normal and do not show any issues.

So, I’m not sure how this can be an issue with my setup.

I don’t see the ‘black rectangle’ on any other recordings of any other world/course, and I’m pretty sure I have not seen it before.

In conclusion, the rectangle only manifests on the Innsbruck course and only when the camera angle is behind, low and to the left of the rear wheel.

Any ideas Zwift coders?  :) 

PC i7-7700@3.60Ghz / 32 GB - Nvidia GTX 1080/8GB Running Zwift at 4K.

(Correction edit - the issue angle is low, and to the left of the rear wheel - not right as initially stated)

Hey Paul, if you are still running into this black box on top of your avatar, have you tried completely reinstalling Zwift from the Play Store? When you log back into your account you may see a difference. Feel free to let us know the results! 


Thanks for the message Vincent

Not sure if the Play Store will be of much use to me though :wink:

In addition to my earlier submissions, I can now say the black box moves to cover the avatar when the avatar moves from the center. This black box is stalking my avatar too :slight_smile:

As an aside, spent some time on Watopia yesterday, not a sign of the black box. So this is an Innsbruck/single camera angle, issue.


Is that black box polygon missing the appropriate graphics data, that is the upper torso of the avatar in some of the frames used at higher resolutions?

Ride On!