Black Celebration Series 2021 FAQ

It is a group ride, and not an official race. However, a lot of people like to race these group rides.

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Can I ask why these rides are not listed like other rides in the companion app? It took me about 10-15 min to figure out how to sign up-only through the event page and after googling “Black Celebration Series”. Frustrating!

They are listed for me (Android phone). Could it be you have filters active?


Yup - check if you’re filtering out any events.
If you use the The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App webpage, click on the Filters buttons and choose to show everything.

The Filter function is also available on the Companion app, if you use that to sign up for events.

Even though February is over, we’ll continue to have rides during the year.

Black Celebration Rides will occur every first and third Sunday of each month. Here is the link to upcoming events if you’d like to put them on your calendar

You want to celebrate and encourage Black participation and you only set up one date and time and only give a few hours notice! Very disappointed since I would have really liked to participate.

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There are about 3-5 rides each day. see: Events

and This

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Thanks for sending me this Gerrie - much appreciated. I wasn’t aware of the Zwift Hacks site or events page and have scheduled a ride for today. The email I received only appeared to show one option and even when I clicked on the link it didn’t show others (hence my frustration).
Ride On!