BKOOL cannot accelerate

(Cassie White) #1

I have a BKOOL trainer and going from zero up to speed takes FOREVER… I’m mashing the pedals as hard and fast as I can but I go from 0-20 mph and it takes almost 1-2 minutes.  

sprints???  I can’t do those… does not seem to matter how hard I push or sprint the speed does not pick up… it just stays the same… if Im at 25mph that’s where it stays even when I am pushing has hard as I possibly can.  Out on the road I can hit 38-42mph on flat level ground when I sprint. 

Anyone out there have this issue with the BKOOL?


(Hugues Compere) #2


What kind of BKOOL trainer? PRO or Classic?

  1. Have you upgrade your firmware to make active FE-C. This make the trainer controled by app. 

  2. Is better to connect the cadence sensor (not the buildin cadence trainer).


I have a BKOOL trainer which works fine. Unless in workout mode the power is underestimated.