Bit confused re my speed calcs Vs elevation

When I’m on a flat track eg Watopia - Tempus Fugit… and my elevation indicates 0% (for a relatively long stretch)… I might be consistently riding at X watts and achieving y Speed… other times I seem to be riding at the same X watts on 0 elevation and achieving a 2 to 3 km/hr less than the normal Y speed… is this because the elevation indicator does not show decimal places and in fact the elevation might be close to 1% sometimes… a little trivial I know but during a long ride you wonder what is going on… TacX2 all calibrated…

Do you ride various bikes from your garage, or always the same bike? Different bikes are very different aerodynamically, and your speed will vary accordingly for the same wattage. Also, if you’re drafting at X watts, your speed will be greater than if you are not drafting at X watts (I’m sure you know this, but it’s worth it to mention it just in case). Also are you aware that you can not draft on a TT bike? I.e. if you’re drafting on a Madone at X watts, your speed possibly be greater than if you are right behind someone (but not drafting) on a TT bike at X watts. Otherwise, I got nothin’.

Yes, that is correct.

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