Bird‘s Eye View — add arrow key feature to customize view

Give the user the possibility to customize key 9: Bird’s eye view. Please allow arrow keys similar in drone view.

I don’t know if I understand your suggestion, but try pressing 9 then 0 then use your arrow keys to move the camera, it also work with other views.

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Great. Your are correct.
I was not aware that Key0 allows customized camera views for all the different cameras.

Hopefully that helps, will try and update tomorrow here.

With the key0 the view will change (rotate) continousely in all the cameras. I need a fixed view.

I agree. The drone view is nice to get set up they way you want and then you go around a corner and the angle changes! You have to spend a lot of time tweaking it. Otherwise it’s the most useful view. I find a lot of the other view angles pretty pointless. It would be nice to have a fixed angle further back over your left shoulder so you could see riders near you and also the road ahead.