Bike on carpet vs wood floor

just moved my bike from a carpeted room (with a mat, i’m not a monster) to a wood floor room (again, with a mat).

i think there is a marginal difference in power! the carpet must have been absorbing some of my power when i pushed on the cranks. i put up my best time ever on fuego flats first ride on the wood floor.

i know, i know, this is probably so small it doesn’t matter… just thought i’d point out that your flooring may impact your w/kg! move your bike today! :crazy_face:

Did you recalibrate the trainer after the move?

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i did! that’s why i was surprised. i always recalibrate when i move anything.

maybe it’s all in my head, but i did another ride last night and it feels different.

I just did the same thing. Moved my Zwift from a carpeted area to a cement floor. I calibrated and performed a wahoo spin down, then put in a PR. I did not think it would make such a difference, I am thinking it does. Happy Zwifting.