Bike MS Meetups

I host weekly meetups with other connected to the cause. If you participate in Bike MS rides and like to ride with others for the cause comment below and befriend myself and I’ll include you on the weekly rides! Bunch of different options and friends across the country and a few in UK and Canada! We host week day and weekend rides and looking to grow!

Adding Bike MS to your username helps identify you as well! Cheers


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@Chris_Crush_MS does a great job leading these rides! If you have a connection to Multiple Sclerosis, a loved one who has been diagnosed, or are just looking for a great group of people to ride with, make sure to follow Chris.

Bike MS leads rides (and walks) all over the country, get involved and find your ride here:

You can also donate to the cause:
@Chris_Crush_MS’s page: Christopher Wallner - Fundraising For The National MS Society
@Mike_Rowe1’s page:


We have a great time and keep things fun. I ride with Chris on the weekend power hour, plus I hold one or two weeknights around 5pm eastern depending on my schedule in case you are interested.

We definitely welcome all levels of abilities and it’s not always a race. Come for the miles, stay for the XP.

My Bike MS Home ride is in Easton, MD

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See you soon @MikeBikesWithMS_Toml


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Chris, could we start rides for other causes too?, such as for Encephalitis research, Aquired Brain Injuries?? Just asking.

@Biker_Dave Great question! We definitely have people who ride for many other causes as well. Bike MS has rides across the country and globally so this was a way to connect to the cause while in a pandemic and its grown. While the majority ride for Bike MS some don’t, but they’re great company and get invited back for sure. After all its all about riding with good company when you can! If you’d like to join feel free to befriend and I’ll invite to a ride! Thanks for reach out

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Thanks, I shall consider very seriously!. Now that being said, I’m not fast, usually avg aroung 22km/h is my comfortable pace, but certainly not anywhere near 30+ as I see others doing.


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