Bike leaning to the right while on zwift hub


I just got my Zwift Hub and have been super frustrated trying to get my bike & saddle level while it’s mounted on the Hub with the thru-axle. I have double/triple checked the mount points, ensured the Hub is level, the floor is level, and my bike has no damage and chainstays & seatstays are definitely level while a wheel is mounted, but the bike is leaning to the right by such an amount that even a 2cm thick book under either right foot of the Hub barely gets my bike level. I am checking the level via multiple points (stays, seat post, saddle, etc.) and they all show a lean to the right. Is this something that’s fixable or did I get a faulty Hub?

If you remove the bike and axle, then insert a long rod of some type through the axle hole, you’ll be able to measure the angle of that rod and determine whether or not it is parallel to the floor. If it’s not then it’s nothing to do with your bike and must be a broken/incorrectly assembled Hub.

thanks for the suggestion, though I don’t have such an object around the house. however I am certain it is not an issue with my assembly – being a thru axle there is only 1 position in which the thru axle can be screwed in and the bike is 100% fully seated on the trainer on both sides

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Probably a manufacturing defect. Contact Zwift support for replacement or refund as you desire.

maybe check with the other guy who had the same issue and compare serial numbers

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Hello, i have the same issue, also with a true axel setup. I messured the feeth of the hub with a level measure tool and thats level 100% but if i measure the distance from the ground to the middle of the axel on both sides, i have a diference of 2,5mm to 3mm. The floor in my house is 100% level and sinds the feeth are also level i asume it has something todo with the top half of zwifthub. I already mailed zwift support today and i am curieus when i will get a sollutions.

Might not be the same issue but I am currently going back and forth with Zwift Support on an issue with the TA adapter for drive side having too much clearance to my 12x142mm axle diameter. This would allow the bike to sit off level. Frustrated that they can’t seem to understand and send me a bushing that isn’t more than 1mm too large.

I have the exact same issue. I have used my bike on a tacx vortex before and everything was even. Now in the Zwift Hub it’s leaning to the right and I need to put some card boxes below the right feet to make it even :flushed: I thought I somehow messed up assembling it but it seems I’m not the only one.

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I’m having the same issue. Feel a slight lean to the right especially on my right down pedal. I thought maybe it was just sliding on the concrete so I put a yoga mat underneath and still feel it. Don’t remember feeling this with the KickrSnap

Good to see I’m not the only one.

what was the outcome? i am also having an issue with my bike leaning to the right.