Bike breaks in the game? (Newbie) - PowerCal Power Meter

Hi folks, I’m using a PowerCal with Zwift. Given that the PowerCal converts heart rate into power output (kind of), I note that I tend to keep rolling in the game when I try to stop. I’m using rollers so this is kind of handy when I want to grab for something in the real world and need to stop the rollers. But, I’m concerned that this “slow rolling” will be an issue when waiting for group rides to start. Is there a way to actually use bike breaks in the game? Can I use the “U-turn” functionality to just keep turning around or will I just end up looking like the dumb a** that keeps rolling around. -Thanks.  


Hi Randall,

This is kind of the problem with the PowerCal - you can power your bicycle in Zwift by doing jumping jacks and not riding at all. If it keeps transmitting data (as it uses your heartbeat), you will keep moving. There is no way to “brake” in the manner you are asking for, unfortunately.

Well, I guess I’ll try a couple of things. I’ll tuck my jersey under one of the PowerCal pickup and see if that stops the transmission. If that works I can just tug the jersey out from under the pickup when the ride starts. If I don’t have any luck with that, I guess I’ll be a soft pedal until the group passes and then jump on. Thanks!