Big watts with Turbo Muin & Misuro B+

I used my first home trainer Elite Turbo Muin with Misuro B + sensor. The connection was made after a few failures, but she ended up succeeding. For cons, I find that the power is greatly overestimated. Is there a setting to change to get a measure of the power closer to reality?
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Hi Stephane,

How are you connecting - as a power meter? We read the data *directly* from the Misuro B+ sensor, which is still calculated internally by the B+ itself. I would make sure your ANT+ adapter is close (within 3 feet/1 meter) to the sensor itself so that there are no dropped packets during the wireless transmission.

Thanks Eric for your answer. I connected via Speed Sensor + Classic Trainer as suggested. The distance between my key Ant+ and Misuro B+ sensor is less than 1 meter. I remade a test and data are still wrong, I developed 348w for almost 1 hour with a very low heart rate, which is simply impossible.

same experience here as stephane. I used Turbo muin with Cad/speed sensor

my setup like below pic :

I have the opposite problem. I’m set up with a low end Elite mag trainer, ant+ dongle, garmin speed, cadence sensors and heart rate monitor. My heart rate is sky high but I don’t seem able to generate much power even when cranking it full out and making a hellish noise.

On strava segments I’m a few places from the bottom when in real life I’m usually about half way up in most segments. This is with my heart rate average in the mid 160s.

I really like Zwift but it looks like with my present set up I would be unable to enjoy a steady training session without it looking like I’d virtually come to a standstill and being rock bottom of every segment. Frustrating.

I just got myself set up a few days ago with an Elite Turbo Muin trainer and the Misuro B+ sensor, and I’m having the same problem Steve is having. I am peddling like crazy and my power readings rarely get over 100w, and I am barely moving, especially on the hills.  I continue to make adjustments to my setup, and I’ve been searching for some guidance online to see if I’ve got the B+ sensor in the wrong place or something like that.  I’ve followed the instructions from Elite and I’m wondering if I’ve missed something. 


After doing more troubleshooting, I realized that I had selected the wrong Elite Trainer in the setup step.  Silly me, I had it set to the Elite Real Turbo Muin, which is a smart trainer, when in actuality I bought the Elite Turbo Muin, a classic trainer. Once I made the switch, I was off and running! :) 


@ Stephane and @Made - I wonder if there’s a calibration that needs to happen with the Elite trainers? Our internal tests are showing they should be pretty in-line. Are all your other stats (height, weight) correct in-game as well?

@Steve - Which Elite trainer? Are you picking the correct one in game?

@Gary - The names can definitely get confusing!

I more or less solved the problem. I had entered my weight in Llbs and then later changed my preference to Metric. By accident when I went into my profile I noticed that my weight was showing as 202kg rather than Llbs, sorting that out has made all the difference, now getting comparable results to real life stats.

My big problem now is trying to find the quietest trainer that I can afford as I live in a second floor flat and trying crank out higher watts gets rather noisy.

Gary how are you finding the Elite turbo Muin noise wise? I’m thinking of getting one as I’ve heard they are pretty quiet.

@Steve - good to hear. The Turbo Muin - either one - is super quiet. All you’ll hear is the chain :slight_smile:

Eric C. thanks for the reply, that’s exactly what I need to know. I can’t really afford a smart trainer at this point, but it looks like the Elite Turbo muin is the one I want. I didn’t want to spend the £300 to £400 it’s going to cost me and find out that I still couldn’t use it to train properly because of the noise.

Brilliant, roll on pay day, can’t wait. Thanks.

@Steve:  I have to concur with Eric.  I work in a bike shop on weekends, and we have several low-end mag trainers set up as demos on the floor. The Turbo Muin by comparison is super quiet – the loudest noise I hear is when I change gears! 


Thanks, I think that’s the one I want.

I have just bought the Elite Turbo Muin B+ with the Misuro B+ sensor and linked it to Zweift no problem as a classic trainer. The only problem is my “power” reading is constantly 1200w and my speed is 55mph even when spinning in my lowest gear. Any suggestions?

Hi Paul,

Can you try pairing it as a power meter and see if that changes things? Again, wondering if there’s a calibration that needs to happen on Elite’s end as all we do is read the data being transmitted by the Misuro B+ sensor.


I have an Elite turbo muin. You have to connect as a power meter. Mine works perfectly like this. The magnet is on a flywheel and I think that if you connect as a speed sensor you need to enter the circumference of the wheel for it to work. This information is on the directions for the Misuro B+, you have to divide by 13.2 or something like that. Zwift doesn’t have that as an option like you can on a Garmin edge computer or other ant+ computers. Hope that helps.  

Eric/Danny, Thanks for the advice guys, paired it as a power meter and it worked like a dream! I have now lost my Zwift virginity!


There is a correction - calculation  of Elite Software to give the good Speed because the mesure is take by the a magnet on the wheel of the trainer witch is not at dimension of a real wheel (more little).

If it is good configurate in Elite Etraining App, the app give the good data after this calculation instead of Zwift or Garmin that don’t correct the data.

I thing the solution is to give the true dimension of the wheel to have the good data directely for Zwift or Garmin.

For zwift use Misuro as powermeter and it go good but the power is less than real.

The good solution is to be able to give the good wheel dimension in Zwift to use as speed sensor.

The real dimension of the wheel is given in Elite chart :

For exemple for TURBO MUIN : the real dimension of the wheel is : 2070 : /13,2 = 159 


The good solution to use Misuro with a Turbo muin as speed sensor in zwift is to be able to give the real wheel dimension in Zwift but we can’t !

The real dimension of the wheel is given in Elite chart :

For exemple for TURBO MUIN : the real dimension of the wheel is : 2070 : /13,2 = 159

Can you do that Zwift ? Have you experience this troubleshooting with turbo muin trainer ?