Big Delay on Bkool Pro



I want to change my Software from Bkool to Zwift, but in Zwift i have big delays with Speed, Cadence and Watt.

I can go full power, but in Zwift i have only 20 km/h, after about 10 Seconds i have 40 km/h.

I have a Bkool Smart Pro, and in Bkool Software there ist no delay with the same Setup.

Any Ideas?

I have the exact same problem… makes zwift useless

Hi everyone,

While I can’t speak for what Bkool’s software does differently, Zwift treats the Bkool trainer like every other ANT+ FE-C or Bluetooth smart trainer: we read the power they are transmitting to us and use that figure to determine speed within Zwift.

It seems like their latest firmware has introduced some issues between their hardware and Zwift that did not exist before while trying to address the ‘ERG’ mode issue.