Bianchi Bikes

(Maurice Hunter) #1

Ok, we see Lotto Jumbo riding in game. Where are the beautiful celeste machines? We need some Bianchi bikes in the game. Infinitio CV’s, Oltre’s, etc. Black and celeste, Celeste, CELESTE!! :slight_smile:

(Michael Lorentsson) #2

+1 on this one!

(Luca Jannace) #3


(Justin Di Tommaso) #4


Please can we see the real celeste, anyone from the xr4, Specialissima or Infinito will do!

(Phil Balding) #5

I would love to be able to select from the xr4, Specialissima or Infinito CV.

(Mark Thorburn) #6

Let’s get the celeste out there please Zwift. Make at least one Bianchi model available in game


(Theotis Fuller) #7


(Jens Fabricius) #8


(Maarten Meynen) #9

Please please dear ZWIFT, I just joined this community and I am already craving to ride my dream bike (OltreXR4) virtually… #Bianchi #Celeste

(Paul Allen) #10

Also contact Bianchi Bikes since the discussion to put them in-game would not just come from Zwift.