better warm ups, cool downs, and ramps in workout mode

(Kevin Mark) #1

It looks like the warm up, cool down, and ramps use 20 w steps. In a 10 minute warm up, The target wattage only changes once or twice in 20 w increments. Wouldn’t a better way be to change the target wattage every minute or two to smoothly interpolate the ramp? This would be especially nice in erg mode.


You should be able to setup your own warm up in the “create a workout” feature. Also on the zwift app you can bump your watts during erg workouts in the riding features. Should be next to your Ride On, snap shot, etc buttons. Only shows during workouts. 

I needed to bump my watts down 20 watts yesterday in my cool down after ftp test ugh. Seeing double.

Hope that helps

Ride On!

(Kevin Mark) #3

No, that doesn’t answer my feedback at all. My feedback is that the way ramps are implemented doesn’t correspond to a workout designer’s intent in having steady increases/decreases in resistance.

(al v) #4

I agree it’s not answered at all ! It doesn’t make any sense to have a resolution of 20W for ramp up and 5W for steady state ! I made many custom workouts thinking ramp ups would behave ok but they are not at all. I cannot use them so I converted them back to steady state. On top of that their color is always grey whatever the power they indicate.

(Cameron Allan) #5

Yes! Personally, this is the #1 thing I’d like to see improved in Zwift. The warm-up and cool-down ramps look awesome in the workout graph, but they severely misrepresent what actually happens. The first time I used it I initially thought it wasn’t working. And 20W steps - that’s a very big increment for a rider with a low FTP wanting a smooth ramp. And also it seems to default to the nearest 20W (eg, it won’t do 130W - it will only do 120 or 140). Why the rounding?

(J Lamander on TR>) #6

Fully Agree - The 20W steps is a very frustrating bug in the ramps, especially when used close to a riders FTP…

Using Trainer Road and other structured training apps, the ramps are very smooth with increments of 1W.

Please try to fix this!



(Justin MV (Ride GG)) #7

Super poor answer. I’m having the exact same issue. Custom workout ramps are terrible. I have a ramp from 120%-110% over 2 minutes. And at that output, every watt hurts. However, Zwift will hold it at 280w for 1:30 then drop to 260w for 0:30. Terrible!!!

Please fix this.