Better support for Steam and Steam In-Home Streaming

(John Hampton) #1



Like many Zwifters, I do my indoor training in a ‘low traffic’ area of my home.  In my case, it’s a small section of my unfinished basement, that I affectionately call my “basement torture chamber”.  There’s nothing down here but boxes, some old furniture, a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine, a 40" TV and my fat butt sweating along enjoying the 10-degrees-cooler basement and my trusty fan.

Upstairs I have a very powerful gaming PC that’s capable of pushing Zwift to it’s max without breaking a sweat.  Zwift itself isn’t a really graphically intense game, especially compared to modern titles; though it’s clearly way better than anything that’s ever been done for cycling before.  Nevertheless, my MacBook Pro struggles to hold 720p and 30fps.  The upstairs machine can push 1440p at triple-digit FPS’s (60fps effectively as that’s the refresh rate of the monitor) without a sweat.  Perfect!

Steam In-Home streaming has worked flawlessly with every single game and piece of software I’ve ever used it on.  EXCEPT for Zwift.  It’s the only application that has ever not worked.  The Steam support community suggests that Zwift does something funky with windows permissions.  One issue I’ve noticed, is the little window that pops up in the background with a slideshow of Zwift features interferes as well.

Point being, it doesn’t work well at all.  Natively, it doesn’t work at all.  While steam allows non-steam games to be added TO steam and streamed (and I run several, including others with login screens, etc.) without a problem, it simply crashes with Zwift.  I HAVE gotten it to work, by launching ANOTHER application, alt-tabbing, launching zwift, and running Zwift in windowed mode.  But that’s far from an ideal solution.

(Pro-Tip: VirtualHere, found at, works flawlessly for sharing USB devices across a network.  So using an ANT+ dongle on my laptop is no problem at all).

Zwift, you oh great and wise and wonderful people who have made winter months bearable and indoor trainers kind of… almost… fun?  (Has that word ever been used in the context of a turbo trainer before?).  However, I am not alone in wanting to have good, solid support for Steam In-Home streaming so that I can immerse myself even better with the best graphics Zwift has to offer.  Maybe even working alongside a Steam Link to even make it so I don’t have to lug my laptop downstairs; even better!!






(Catalin Onel ZZRC (C)) #2

That’s one great feature to have, especially since now it’s no longer a freeware app.

(Andrew Barber) #3

I was able to stream to a chromecast using the the “cast desktop” option in the chrome browser.  Just start up zwift, then run chrome and cast the desktop.  The only issue is that you don’t have local keyboard/mouse.  Another option if you have an nvidia GPU and an nvidia shield tablet or console is to use gamestream.


(Shawn Gray [X]) #4

Hi John/All

Not sure if you got the Steam Link working but I have now managed to set it up and run well. 

First thing was to download controller companion from Steam £1.99. This enables the use of a 360 controller as a mouse and keyboard even without steam open. Once this is working make sure you have Zwift set to run as admin and in windowed mode. Now when I open zwift the mouse is still available as is the ‘wheel keyboard’ function of controller companion :slight_smile: Virtual here takes care of the Ant+ USB signal with Garmy dongle plugged into the steam link. 

I now have the PC in the house and I stream over powerline to the steam link in the shed. Steamlink is running full FPS and resolution no issues. Its all controlled via wireless xbox controller too which makes it super easy when riding. I may get the chatpad attachment for the controller next to make typing a little easier but all in all very happy. One less expensive toy in the shed!  

(Ming Liu) #5

Hi Shawn,

Do you need to install the VirtualHere client software on your remote PC/MAC? I know the Steam Link already has the VirtualHere server software factory installed so hoping my ANT+ dongle will simply work without extra software.



(Shawn Gray [X]) #6



Yes and pay for it on steam - it may be showing but didn’t work until I purchased it. Another awesome feature is that it supports the 360 controller chatpad which give you as mini keyboard to use too :wink: Good luck