Better support for blind Zwifters

Know that ZHQ get a lot of feedback and have a long backlog of your own. 
But there is one thing I think you missed the importance of and realy should focus on, Blind riders/runners.

Try this out.
Blindfold yourself and…

Go for a WO or GWO: 
What watt do I start with, will it increse, for how long, to what watt. 
What’s up next, when does it start, for how long. 
How long time left on this interval.
What was that message (script or RL).

Where am I.
Where is the junktions.
What gradient am I riding.
What watt/w/kg do I put out.
How long is my ride right now.
When is that lite climb start so I can act and not be dropt. 
How long ahead is group, am I geting closer to the draft? am I getting in the draft of slower riders or in the fast group.

Grupp rides: 
How close to RL am I.
What instruktions does RL give.

Text could be sent to screen and to speech syntes at the same time, as a optional on/off setting.
As should extended help and instuctions.

More fixed sounds is not just for blind, I would like them as well, like waterfall, the small tunnels, but there must be more and in Stereo, if Big Ben make a sound every time I pass it and that sound came from left, then I know where I am and in what deriction I’m going. There are many place in all worlds that have natural places to have fixed sounds, as irl.

Just exempels, You are clever people and I think you get the picture.

My friend Joakim Nömell how is blind is wery much a Zwifter and get much out of it as it is today, but think what just stereo sounds and more fixed one could do.

Feel free to contact him as someone you can discuss different solutions with, you reach at

Best regards/ Mikael


I have great respect for those with disabilities who try and make the most out of life.  However to cater for all disabilities would take up massive amounts of development time to cater for what is in reality a relatively small minority.