Better Maps and available offline

I never know quite where I am on the maps. I think it would be a huge improvement to have the following:

  1. Labeled streets, especially at intersections, along with signs pointing with messages like “this way for Greater London”, “this way for Volcano”, etc.

  2. High resolution pdf maps available with:

     - Streets labeled.

     - Route starts labeled

     - Sprint/other event start/stop points marked (These should also be MUCH more clearly indicated in the game itself)

     - As many landmarks as possible labeled on the maps, just like real maps.

     - The maps that are currently available offline are like cartoon versions of a real map and don’t really help me at all.

Thank you! You guys are doing a fantastic job!




You can down load the Zwift map Hack. It’s great. I used to have a print version of the maps by my bike and try to navigate around the different worlds but then I switched to the Map hack and I learned the worlds really quick and now I don’t even have to use it.

The map has adjustable size and you can drag it to anywhere on the screen and you can make the map transparent leaving only the streets visible and there is a colored dot that shows your current location.


I agree with you that some better road signs would be helpful.