Beta Workouts/Zpower/Classic Trainer

This is a good example that updated level settings need to be created for the classic trainers with Magnetic Resistance.  Today I did the Jon’s Short Mix workout and in the short sprint sections I was not able to reach the goal because I maxed out on my cadence. I have a Minoura L340 and the current level setting available is 1. I’m sure those who begin to use the workouts will have these issues if on a classic trainer. Hopefully adding new resistance levels will be added soon.

I’ll second that - I did exactly the same workout yesterday. It was great, but the max effort sections were impossible for me to achieve. Flat out in top gear and max cadence I was barely getting above 500 watts whereas I was supposed to be aiming for 700!

Is this isolated to mag classic trainers or just a general, non-power-meter riding issue I wonder?