Beta Workouts List

(Michael Henasey) #1

I put together a list of all the workouts from the beta with screenshots of both the description (overview) and the intervals. Might make planning your next workout easier by reviewing the list instead of having to open up Zwift.


(Frank Burkhardt - WBR (B)) #2

Nice work, thank you for your effort!

(Joe Puetz) #3

Excellent, thank you!

(Michael Henasey) #4

thanks guys!

(Federico Regazzo) #5

Great job! 

Thanks a lot!

(Michael Henasey) #6

Updated with latest workouts now.

(S. M.(C)) #7

+1 Awesome they should hire you.  Thanks keep it up.

(Joe Puetz) #8

Thank you again.

One thought on the plans. I feel that the representation could be a little more consistent.

Sometimes e.g. 6 intervals are combined in one part of the workout


Sometimes every individual interval is an own part of the workout.

Personally i do prefer the later more detailed representation.

What do you think?

(Michael Henasey) #9

@Joe B.

Yea, hopefully when the workout builder feature is added, you can control this.

(Michael Henasey) #10

Updated with new 6 Week FTP Builder workouts. Also I had to break the workouts into separate pages because my CMS editor wasn’t dealing with the one huge page thing.


(Tim Rizvanov (St George CC)) #11

Thank you so much!


Offhand, do you know if there is a “Russian Steps” drill somewhere in there ?

I recon Zwift would be perfect for that.

(Michael Henasey) #12


What are “Russian Steps”?

With the new workout builder, you can probably create your own version :wink:


(Tim Rizvanov (St George CC)) #13



Ooooh it’s the one that every cyclist dreads on doing!


Do two sets of these with 5-8 minutes of recovery in between.

| 15sec on | 45sec off |
| 30sec on | 30sec off |
| 45sec on | 15sec off |
| 60sec on | 60sec off |
| 45sec on | 15sec off |
| 30sec on | 30sec off |
| 15sec on | 45sec off |
| 30sec on | 30sec off |
| 45sec on | 15sec off |
| 60sec on | 60sec off |

(Michael Henasey) #14

Ah, pyramid intervals.

Check out some of Hunter Allen’s workouts in Hunter’s Challenge. 

You could modify a Microburst workout or one of the other pyramid workouts to accomplish something similar to your “Russian Steps”


(Tim Rizvanov (St George CC)) #15



I tagged it as #russiansteps. Wonder if anyone else besides me can see it.

(Michael Henasey) #16

I believe you have to physically share the .zwo file from your Documents/Zwift/Workouts folder with someone, there is no built-in online sharing (yet).

I wonder if someone has setup a site to share workout files?


(David Claisse) #17

Thanks for this list! Exactly what I was looking for, good job!