Beta Feedback Recap & January Update

The Clubs journey has been long and I am happy to be rolling this out to the community. I want to thank everyone who has been part of the journey to make it is what it is today. I have been at Zwift for a little over a year now and I am in awe of how strong the Zwift community is. I truly appreciate everyone who takes time out of their day to provide feedback and to come along with us on this Clubs journey.

My goal going forward with the community is to provide updates on a monthly cadence to answer:

  • What can you expect in the next release?
  • What is Zwift working on now?
  • What is the status on feedback the community provided?

This post will be a lengthy one, but I want to collapse all the feedback that has been provided into a single place. I do apologize if I missed your feedback specifically.

What can you expect next release?

  • Team has been out from the holidays and will have no significant updates in the January release
  • Focus on rolling out Clubs to ALL users

What is Zwift working on now?

  • Push notifications when a new club event is created
  • Push notifications when there is a new club chat
  • Ability to discover and join a club

What is the status on feedback the community provided?

I provided a high level status for each item:

  • Discovery: Early in the process
  • Backlog: It’s on our radar and some work has been done
  • In Progress: It’s actively being worked on
  • Done: Released

Club Management

  • Push notifications with club events - In Progress
  • Push notifications with club chat - In Progress
  • Enable moderators to create, edit and delete club events - In Progress
  • Ability to search and join a club - In Progress
  • Push notifications with club announcements - Backlog
  • Sharing a club via link on web - Backlog
  • Ability for non ZC users to join a club - Backlog
  • Links in club chat to be clickable - Discovery
  • Dedicated club chat channel - Discovery
  • Having more than 100 members in a club - Discovery
  • See and customize time zones for clubs - Discovery
  • Club race radio - Discovery
  • Ability to join more than 1 club - Done

Club Events Settings

  • Make event only routes available for club events - In Progress
  • Reduce the route image size on route selection - In Progress
  • Steering mode - Backlog
  • Double draft mode - Backlog
  • Fence mode - Backlog
  • Rubbberbanding (keeping everyone to gether) mode - Discovery

Club Event Management

  • Ability to configure more than 1 leader and sweeper for backups - Backlog
  • Remove subgroup text descriptions - Backlog
  • Creating recurring events - Backlog
  • Integration with Zwift Power for club created events - Discovery
  • Changing ride leader and sweeper at any time, even live during an event - Discovery
  • Ability to edit subgroup start times - Discovery
  • Ability to hide an event from club events feed - Discovery
  • Ability to delete a club event - Done

Club Event Modes

  • Group workout mode - Backlog
  • Using workout library in game to create group workouts - Discovery
  • Club training plans - Discovery
  • Custom club group workouts - Discovery
  • Create club races - Discovery
  • Team time trial event mode - Discovery
  • Chat with club members after event end in game - Discovery

Club Identity

  • Custom Club logo - Backlog
  • Using special characters in club name - Backlog
  • Club representation in game - Discovery
  • Club kits - Discovery


  • Event page crashes (Android) - Discovery
  • Pre-set club images are not always loading - Discovery
  • Event attendee list showing duplicates (iOS & Android) - Backlog
  • Changing routes doesn’t update in subgroup text description of the event (Android) - Backlog
  • All worlds are listed as Watopia for run templates (Android) - Backlog
  • App crashes during event creation (Android) - Done
  • U16 being able to join (iOS & Android) - Done
  • Reports of users not getting the “join event” button (Zwift Game) - Done
  • Changing pace groups cause routes to change randomly (iOS & Android) - Done

when can I expect to start my own club ?

Hi @Kenneth_Soderberg, Clubs is rolling out to about 10% of users per week or so, so it should be soon.

Thanks @Eddy_Lee for such a transparent and informative post. This is very encouraging engagement with the community!


@Eddy_Lee Great updates, however I didn’t notice the request to stagger start times for the pens on there. Wasn’t that requested?

EDIT. Ignore me, see it. In Discovery

Thanks Eddy, this is an excellent list and great to see such transparency.

Is this still limited to three? Because if so, on a personal level, that’s nowhere near enough.

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Great to see a feature list worked on! Good step toward a transparent “roadmap”, the community really needed this! Also, the features looking nice, can’t wait for them to reach teh “market” :slight_smile:

Hi @Eddy_Lee .
I can create and administrate my club on my Samsung Tab A, but on my Samsung S8 phone I just have member access. Cannot create events or invitations via Companion App on the S8.
Is this known :thinking:?

Best regards

Hi @Eddy_Lee , a couple of things not on the list (maybe they belong with the new home screen team rather than here).

  • Could Clubs events be surfaced to the top of the new home screen? This seems like a great way to let club members see what events have been organised, without having to go through the companion app and check.

  • Could club identification be more of an integral part of the UI, particularly the new home screen? Show the club logo, colors etc



Yes, access is also limited by device at this time.

Thanks for all the information. When can we expect a full rollout? I manage a zwift group in eastern Canada with over 400 members and we organize a weekly group ride program. Seems everyone around me is getting the club functionality, but even with deleting both apps (zwift and companion) and reinstalling, I still don’t have the Clubs functionality.

Patience young Padawan.

They said about 10% per week, so it won’t be long.

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We just bumped up club availability to around 70% of users! We are almost to the end of our rollout, thank you all for being so patient.


Great points!

Patiently waiting…

Just got Clubs installed and setup. Excuse my ignorance but I couldn’t see how individuals could search for existing clubs or how I share club details so individuals could join!


Big fan of your recon rides @Si_Bradeley_Pro_Visi . @Mike_Rowe1 posted it but we are currently working on the ability to discover and join a club. We are also working on the ability for someone to join via web link vs. ZC as well.