Beta Feedback - Installation

First, this is an awesome concept; gamification of a personal torture device.

My laptop, a 14 month old higher end enterprise class device (aka work laptop), meets the minimum criteria posted, but the latest supported video driver caused the app to crash. I was able to download a newer, unsupported driver to make it work so clearly the driver was the issue. Having a system validation tool would be a great add prior to a subscription purchase or download of the core app.

The download experience felt a bit disjointed. I downloaded the software and installed it immediately. After I started it, it immediately went into a lengthy upgrade process. I am sure that the source code is constantly being recompiled and pushed out necessitating the realtime updates in a beta mode. When this goes prod it would be nice to always download the latest update without lengthy delta packages.

On the plus side, great use of visualization to keep rider focus while the application loads. The rider profile selection was very easy, but it did take a second to realize that the slider was changing the bike colors. It would be nice to get an all black or white bike.

Looking forward to my first ride tonight when I get home from work.