beta feedback for dev's

(James Millar) #1

Great simulation and massive potential. Thoughts are

Need to improve power resistance model to make more accurate. Its at least 15% to 20% on Wahoo kickr as compared to other readings. Speed is also out by the same amount. 

Need to avoid making it gaming orientated to the point where the underlying concept is anything other than 100% realistic. So powerups that change performance will not be embraced by anyone looking for serious training. Lets face it how many gamers are going to spend $1500 on cycling trainers etc to play a game? This should be a real sim / virtual experience. Having power ups or rewards by the way of different colour tops etc is ok.

Need to get more courses (longer) rolled out asap. I can see people dropping off as quickly as they arrive. Will they come back when full version is released? Many will but why risk losing them? Just roll out beta courses and everyone accepts its not perfect (and when its free who can complain).