Best way to workhack

Now that zwift preferences no longer supports half the worlds is there an easy way to world hack. Quite frustrating tonight after a crash to try get back in to fan view a teammate.

I’m sure workouts used to work but now when i skip to the end the time seems to get stuck at some stupid numbers like this.

Anyone got a better solution that works?

You can either create a meet-up with a friend or create a 1 person club and schedule club group ride on any route.

I use the later to not disturb others with unnecessary notifications. The downside is that the earliest start that you can schedule for is 5 minute from now but that is an easy fix if you do it and join the pen before you hop on the bike.

yep both painful wish Zwift just had a better way to fanview. I was already watching the start of a race so having to create a meetup/club event would of still taken another 5-10 mins to get back in.

By my calculations, that’s some workout- 19.7 years to go. :slight_smile:

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That’s strange. My custom 10 second workout seems to still work okay–finish, and free ride starts. I don’t skip, that’s one difference. Just wait for the workout to end normally.

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Why do you say that zwift-preferences doesn’t support half the worlds? It does support most except the few event-only works but you have to update to the latest version.

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My last update it seemed to remove lots of the worlds.

I assumed it was something zwift had done with the xml world logic that made it not possible but if its meant to work i’ll check again. maybe a clean install.

Do you have to pedal for the 10 seconds or does it run down?

I mainly only world hack to fanview so being lazy don’t get on the bike but i guess i could crank the pedals a few times to for 10 seconds. i’ll create another short workout and try that later.

plus sometimes use trial accounts for extra fan view screens to follow multiple riders

You’ll just have to upgrade to v38, then it should work



odd for some reason it didn’t seem to overwrite the old exe as had tried to update a few times but didn’t realise it was still old. Bit of a clean up and made sure run as admin etc and looks good now thanks.