Best running stats

How do i see my best 5km and 10km running times on Zwift?

Edit; also if you run further say 11km, how can you tell your time at 10km?

The way I do what you are asking, and I don’t know if this is best or only way, is to:

For best 5 & 10k times ever - go into run Home Screen (you don’t have to be paired to treadmill etc, you can skip the pairing setup), click on the circular profile icon 2nd from right at top of screen then select profile option. You should now see best 1m, 5k, 10k, and also HM and FM times if you have completed them, otherwise estimates of what you might achieve.

The only way I know to get your first 10k (or any distance of a run) as opposed to best 10k is to go into your CA activity report, swipe the map details to the left and you will see analysis of your running speed, cadence and heart rate. The vertical line on the screen is moveable, drag it until you are on the 10k distance and it will show you the time you hit that distance.

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