Best ride data?

(Bryan Simmons) #1

New to Zwift and logged 4 rides so far this first week. When does the Best Ride data start to show on the personal data page? Do you need to log a certain number of rides for it to calculate? My best data is currently not being displayed?

(Craig Pate) #2

Its on their hit list…coming soon we’re told.

(Frank Goehner) #3

Out of curiosity, what do you mean by Best Ride data?

(Stewart G teamWBR) #4

When you end your ride you get a list of ave. power for set times. Under this is your best figures for the same but at the moment they are not updated.

(Tena Heffernan_Z57+) #5

Any update on when this is coming?

(Mike Conway CCNS) #6

When will the “Best Ride” data be populated?