Benefits of Zwift: Beyond Health and Fitness

I think we all know that Zwifting brings benefits in the areas of health and fitness. But did you ever think about the intellectual and academic benefits of the platform? I find it very interesting that Zwift brings riders from all walks of life, cultures, ethnicities, and languages together. As a native English speaker, I am very curious to know more about everyone’s experiences with using English in the platform if it is not your first language. Has anyone seen their English improve through the use of Zwift? Has anyone felt inspired to learn or speak more English as a result of Zwift? Please feel free to share your thoughts. As an English instructor, I am always thinking of ways to inspire people with the language and learning. Anyone every thought of joining an ride that focuses on English learning while riding? (Kill two birds with one stone???).

hello ange
I live in Spain and it has helped me to motivate myself to learn, at least the most basic, of your language.
I’ve been using Zwift for two years and I’m an old man, I only used the platform to play sports and enjoy cycling, since I don’t have much free time due to my job.
I don’t do races but I do sign up for many social events and group rides and for a while now I always have the feeling that I’m missing something when the leaders announce messages or the fellow riders post on the right side of the TV and I can’t Or I don’t know what you’re talking about.
as I love the social part of Zwift I have been studying English for five months but, for now, I am in the most basic as if I were a child and it is costing me a lot, but I am very motivated and soon I will be able to ask, answer and joke with the other cyclists .
To write this paragraph I have taken a long time, I hope I do not have many spelling mistakes since google translate has helped me, I know that this is cheating, but my teacher does not know it


Carlos, Google or no Google, what you’ve written is better English grammar than I hear and read routinely in the United States. But, of course, our British brethren would say our English is poorly done.

Thank you Randy for your words
I hope that with more time I can understand, speak and write much better