Bending chainrings and gearing

I’m using zwift for some track workouts and am now on my second snapped or bent chainring. It seems that biggest gear standing starts (10speed shimano, wahoo kickrcore) introduce more sideways pull than my kit can handle and the chainrings keep getting bent out to the side (attached) at the shifting pins

I’m replacing with this

but obviously a better chainline under max power would help things immensely but also not be particularly helpful for training biggest gear standing starts…

Is there a way to change the effective gearing via. settings in zwift so i can replicate a 53x11 but be in 53x19 or 21 say? does anyone know of a calculator that would let me work out what equates to a 53x11 using a 53x21 and ‘x’ gradient (if its even meaningfully the same thing with air resistance and gravity not following the same curve)

Trainer setting at 100% (although I do not know if it matters in workouts…I do not do them).
The only way is to increase your weight.

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