Benchmarking standards year-on-year

Purely out of curiosity, is there any way of benchmarking the general racing standards on Zwift year-on-year?

Anecdotally, it feels that standards have really shot up in 12 months; I’m fitter than I was at this point 12 months ago, but now routinely getting pasted in races; getting lapped when previously I wouldn’t have etc.

The average race pace feels higher (I’m talking B cat here); I remember ending the Autumn ZRL and feeling the standards were already higher than the Sprint 2021 series; 2022 has seen this continue.

Is it just me? Is there any data to support that view?

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Zwift Activity Monitor has really helped people stay below the 20min power upgrade threshold in races.

I can’t really say too much on how it ‘feels’ though - I’m way off my form from previous ZRL seasons.