Being Up Graded

Quick question to the Group… I’m Cat C (was), and Racing Age is 67 :stuck_out_tongue:
Usually when I’m in the C’s I never worry about My power, and just Ride as hard as I can.
Well last night, I must of had an Ok ride, and to my Surprise I was moved into the B’s !!!
Well that was the last thing I wanted… Mainly because (Generally) the extra distances that
the B’s have to Ride… So how do/what do you usually have to do to get moved back into the
C’s ? … TIA :thinking: :biking_man: :man_biking: :biking_woman:

The PRs used to determine your category can be viewed on They last 90 days but you can see which ones changed recently and when. If you continue to have “Ok” rides then you’re just a B - your power is your power.

There are a lot of short races that do not vary distance by category so you should not find it too hard to do short races in B (depends somewhat on your timezone and preferred ride time). For example the Rhino Racing Short Crits that I organize use the same distance for all categories. You can also enter mass start races and just race whoever is near you without thinking too much about their category.

Congrats on reaching B at age 67. Very impressive.


Thank you… 90 days…Ouch! :cry: