Beginner workouts

Need a program like couch to 5K or similar training coaching. I’m an Army veteran so no stranger to running, but cmon, there’s really nothing to get your feet wet. I tried the intro or welcome to running in “Zwift” or whatever it’s called. Didn’t have enough time to complete it and the progression was way too aggressive, hence this post.

Have you checked out the training programs and workouts?
There’s plenty in there from beginners to marathon training.

Hi Keith,

I actually just completed a Learn to Run program on Sunday! I had tried to start a virtual LTR group, but had a hard time getting timing right with everyone all around the world in different timezones. :confused: I’ve made LTR custom workouts for Zwift and I think I read that you can send them to people… so if you’re interested I could send them all to you to use.

Alternatively… if you want a run buddy and a bit of a personal coach, I’d be happy to set up meetups to do the program together. I run about 5mph, but trying to get faster. lol

It’s 8 weeks, starts at Run 1 min, Walk 1.5, 6x and progresses from there. All other couch to 5k type programs always seemed to progress too fast for me and I’d get discouraged and quit. This one is really good. (I also use it for a Learn to Run Club I lead in real life too)

Let me know what you think!

So yeah i would like to see the running programs you have made

5 months on from the last post, you should be running marathons Keith. :wink:

what you do not realize is I have not been training for a couple of months and even when I do its not consistent or day in/day out. Just thought you should know

Hey Keith!

Pretty sure that winky face at the end of Stuart’s post was indicating he was just teasing. Don’t read anything into it…I myself just started another learn to run group and well, three weeks in and we are all starting again…darn Rona.

Shoot me a private message and we’ll figure out a way to get them over to you. If you’re interested in running together I could sure use a run partner… Oddly enough seems to be easier to find real life people to do a LTR than to get a virtual club together.

hey Stuart, thanks for the screenshots. I’ve checked those out and maybe just need to try a few out for size and do what I can according to how my body responds to increases in speed and time. Just trying to figure out new ways to train on my own and maybe this helps someone else out in the same situation.

Blockquote Have you checked out the training programs and workouts?
There’s plenty in there from beginners to marathon training.