Beginner with issues on toughness of riding

(Gerrie) #21

Ken Zwift is not only for serious cyclists, it is good for all levels.

It just sound like you have to fix your setup.

Can you post a picture of your setup screen.

What Trainer did you select in the setup and on what level is the trainer set?


(Ken Clark) #22

I selected classic trainer with speed sensor - the device has a single control to adjust the magnetic resistance. I have tried it at various settings, until it seems sensible. By that I mean - if I lower the magnetic resistance it immediately reduces the output wattage to the point where I have to increase my cadence until it’s not sustainable even in high gear. Likewise if I increase the resistance I have to either lower the gear to find a comfortable cadence range or get straight into anaerobic burn which is again unsustainable. 


(Paul) #23

What trainer are you using? If it is supported you should select that.

On the Paused screen if you click on the Pencil under your name you should have your FTP in there and maybe lowering it would be helpful.

Here is a link to the unofficial manual that might help you:



(Ken Clark) #24

Hmm…I somehow had not spotted the FTP setting at all! Looks like user error. I’ll give it another try later! Thanks! :grin:


(Gerrie) #25

Looking at the power curve of your trainer vs the Generic trainer it look like you should be on level 4/10 on the trainer to have the same curve as the generic trainer curve. (if Zwift use this standard curve… i guess they do)


Your trainer power curve at level 8/10 is the same as the Tacx Blue Matic at 8/10

and Your trainer power curve at level 4/10 is the same as the Tacx Blue Matic at 4/10

So I think you could select the Tax Blue Matic trainer, I dont know what setting Zwift want you to select but I think they will tell you if you select that trainer.


Tax Blue Matic trainer on level 3/10 seem like the closed match.


I dont have a Plot for 3/10 see below a plot for level 4/10



(Steve Joyal) #26

I had the same problem at the beginning. The rear clamp that hold the Wheel was way too tight. It was compressing the Wheel hub. They should advice to take care of that in the set up guide.