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Are their any races for the 1.5 w/kg range? Most races have a D division that’s 0-2.5, and putting me in the same group at 1.5 as someone with 2.5 just isn’t appealing.

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As far as a I know there are a few races that include an ‘E’ category which usually is 1.0w/kg and less.

There have also been multiple suggestions through the years to get ride of the w/kg system and go to a points system. The sad fact of Zwift racing is even if you could hold 2.5w/kg (top end of D Cat) you’d never win cause people enter who put out 3+w/kg as sandbaggers. It’s the main reason I stay away from racing until Zwift gets its act together.

You can use to search for events. Found this one with the E Cat


Look at some of the Herd races even if they call it ABCD they use lower limits

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The that’s a good point. I’d like to do a race now and then. It seems like the hobbit as a whole really doesn’t think much about beginners. It’s to bad.

I’ll do that, thanks.

There is often an EMU beginner race that runs ~7 am eastern standard time in the US (I think the race organizers are in Japan). It has lower division categories that might fit what you’re looking for. Unfortunately, most people don’t read that the categories are different from usual and sign up for their normal race category. At least that happened the 2 times I did it. I’m usually a D, but met the C requirements for this particular race. Half the D field had a higher average and 20 minute power than I did and all the C field (as well as most of the B and A fields) were on the usual ranges, not the ones specified for this race. Those might not have been how that race normally works though. Give it a try.

The three EMU races next week seem to use pretty standard w/kg ranges:

Welcome to the EMU Japan Race!
POWER UPs:Allowed at all times
BIKES:All allowed

Use your FTP and then divide by your weight in kg then pick the correct group:
A:4.0 W/kg FTP+
B:3.2 W/kg to 4.0 W/kg FTP
C:2.5 W/kg to 3.1 W/kg FTP
D:Under 2.4 W/kg FTP

2.4 is still a lot for a beginner.
Jason Crews

Try the EMU Novice Race on Saturdays (D is under 2 W/kg. Not as low as you were looking for ubt a start):

// Description

(Japanese follows)
Welcome to the EMU Novice Race!

If you win 1st to 3rd place in yourcategory, let’s step up and race at upper category from next. If you win in category A means the graduation from the Novice race!

POWER UPs:Allowed at all times
BIKES:All allowed

Use your FTP and then divide by your weight in kg then pick the correct group:
A:2.9 W/kg to 3.2 W/kg FTP
B:2.5 W/kg to 2.8 W/kg FTP
C:2.1 W/kg to 2.4 W/kg FTP
D:Under 2.0 W/kg FTP

VOLCANO CIRCUIT CCW, 6 Laps - 29.6km

Have Fun! Ride On!! your dead wrong. it fair game for all riders, there is No race mod.

If you read the race description on the Zwifthacks events page or the Zwift events page, there is definitely a modification of what they expect the riders to do. They just didn’t (or couldn’t, or didn’t know how to) modify the settings in Zwiftpower, so no one gets disqualified for following the usual A, B, C, D definitions instead of the ones that they assign in their race description. That’s why I suggested it as a possibility, but said that it got annoying when no one reads the race description rules and follows them, which would probably make it not work for the OP.

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Yep, really it would be nice if zwift auto set up that race with the new sandbaging rules. it clear what the race was for/is for.

Yeah, I agree. I think it would actually help out zwift a lot if they had a series of novice races with multiple categories in the 1-2.5 W/kg range that they had hard caps on with their anti-sandbagger rules. Heck, they could call them training races and automatically exclude you from them after 20 (or 10 to make it like cat-ing up out of Cat 5 in real life) races. That would bring new people in slowly but let them feel like they could compete and get them hooked. I actually looked at the results you linked and it didn’t look like they filtered anyone, even a B at 4 W/kg or a D that won with 3.4 W/kg. I guess they’re just going on the honor system rather than bothering turn on Zwiftpower’s filtering at all.

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But what would the recent novices’ subsequent experience be upon entering non-novice cat D races (ostensibly 1-2.4 w/kg range) when they realized that in the “real world” Zwift races there are cat D riders doing 3.4 w/kg? If the hard cap anti-sandbagging rules are only enforced in the novice races, the “hook” isn’t going to last long once these novices are thrown to the wolves. Zwift needs to rework their categorization strategy so that it’s based on results, not variables like w/kg. Sandbaggers sandbag because for some reason they get a thrill out of “winning,” no matter what the level of competition. If categorization is based on results, sandbaggers will have to make a choice–either have success and be moved up, or remain under-categorized without the satisfaction of success in races.

Take this for example. I was the only racer that averages in the class. There were a couple who were close so I’ll give them them the Benefit the doubt.

Zwift, what’s the point of having classes? Just. Put everyone in the same race and save
Yourself the trouble.

Edit: I can’t imbed photos or a link, so I guess you’ll have to take my word for it.