Before sign up.

(Jose Benitez) #1

 Hey there,

A couple of questions before deciding if I should get on board with Zwift and drop Trainer Road:

Can I create a private group with my team members?

Can I use the on screen dashboard only, and play videos/movies on my computer?

Can I sync with Garmin Connect?

I have had a lot of issues using T.Rd on my Mac. How would say your platform performs on a MacBook Pro?

Do you have training plans like Build, Base, Increase Pwr, etc.

Thank you!

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hi Jose.

  1. You’re welcome to ride with people and meet up in the 3d world any time you wish, but we don’t currently have a private group-chat mode.  If you want to message many people at once, a public message is your only choice.  Only people within a certain radius around you will see those messages, they are not global.

  2. In windowed mode you can resize the Zwift window to whatever size you want, however you can’t turn off the 3d graphics.  

  3. We auto-upload to Strava, Training Peaks, and Todays Plan, however Garmin Connect does not accept activities created by Zwift using their API.  To upload to Garmin Connect, you will need to manually upload the .fit file (which Zwift stores on your computer) to the garmin connect website.  

  4. A large percentage of our users use Zwift on a MacBook Pro and it runs great. One thing to note is that Zwift being a 3D application means it will generate heat and turn the laptop’s fans on.

  5. We have training plans to help achieve various goals, however we’ve gone for quality over quantity. Our plans are by people like Hunter Allen, TrainSharp, and Marco Pinotti.  You can also import workouts from the internet, or create your own.

(Jose Benitez) #3

Thanks for your prompt answer Jon. I already signed up for Zwift, and have a couple of extra questions as I’m starting to get familiar with the app. 

A key selling point for me was the upcoming of the iPad app, as TRd. launched their as well not long ago. I own an “old” iPad 2 with a 30 pins conector and a I use the Wahoo ANT+ dongle. I specifically use this device for training because it is my “old” device, the one I can leave always attached to the bike as I just don’t carry it around anymore. Also, all of my sensors (Speed/Cadence/HR) are Garmin, which use ANT+, so it came as a surprise to me that the iPad App won’t support ANT+ devices. 

Is support for ANT+ currently in development, or you don;t have plans to support it at all? You can take a look at the DC Rainmaker Review of the app where there are a few comments regarding this point.

Thank you in advance for your continued support, and I look forward to hear from you.


(Jon Mayfield) #4

Hi Jose, there is a good chance we’ll add ANT+ dongle support but it might come after the initial iOS Zwift launch.   However, we won’t be supporting the iPad 2. It simply doesn’t have enough processing power to run something like Zwift.

iPad Air 1 and later, or iPhone 5S and later is where Zwift starts to work.