Beach island mark off as done

I did not get the beach island mark off.

How do I fix this

Do you mean you’ve not been awarded the badge for completing the route?

If so are you sure you don’t already have it?

Beach Island Loop is a cycling route. You can run this route, but you can´t get the badge. You have to ride this route.


I did not get green little check for it.

As above, it’s a cycling route. You cannot achieve this running.

It put green little check against it saying it done.

You never know! :sweat_smile:

Just want green little check saying I done the route for running.

This is not possible! How many times do we have to repeat that? :man_shrugging:

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not asking for the badge, I asking for it to be checked off under the running option.

You will have to ride the route then. Then when you look it will have a green tick.