(Andrew Williams) #1

So, I think I saw bats today. I’ve been wondering…“where are all the bats?” Where’s the guano mine?

We needed bats. Thank you.

(Andrew Williams) #2

I saw them at sunrise the first time through. There was a second sunrise for me today but I was probably too tired to notice any bats. They were either clearly there this morning or I am clearly hallucinating.

(Andrew Williams) #3

If I had been aware I would have hit my video record key but I didn’t. I did manage to record a few seconds of someone doing donuts and wheelies and riding backwards though.

(Karl Litterer) #4

I have seen the bear fall out of the tree a few times but not seen bats… Will be looking for the bats tonight! :smiley:

(Karl Litterer) #5

I saw butterflies at dawn, but no bats… :frowning:
The bear is still falling out of the left tree below Banjo hill though! :slight_smile:

(Roy Ezell_50womentokona) #6

I saw the bear today for the first time :slight_smile: