Banded rides

Are banded rides being used too much :thinking: and being used in an unfair way…
Im just a fence sitter here, at the end of the day they don’t effect me …
Going up the the Alpe the front is doing 4:2 kwts the rear is doing 1: 2 kwts and everyone gets pr’s :thinking:
Most banded rides are done on invites, now you can request them for group rides. Some clubes actually promote the fact that they are banded. Easy route badge easy tron bike no hard work necessary.

unfair how?

That’s what I was wondering as well, I generally ride in a D

Messing up plans to race a group ride? :crazy_face: :rofl:


Trying to think of what would be unfair. Only thing I can think of is if a banded ride listed at a pace was being run way off that pace. But even then, I don’t know about it being ‘unfair’, as everyone would be kept together and still able to do whatever effort they wanted to do. A ride at the unlisted pace would be unpleasant, but ‘unfair’?

You can do a sub-60 minute ride up the Alpe at 1W/kg. I can see how some people would see that as unfair if they are working hard to get the Tron bike. Personally I don’t really care but I understand the perspective.

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Human creativity never fails to amaze us.

I guess I’d understand some emotional response. But not one that would stand up to any scrutiny. If the Tron bike was something that 5 people on Zwift had and it actually served as a status symbol, that would be different :slight_smile: But that’s coming from someone who recently got one and more recently stopped using it, lol.

Banded rides were slowed down by the last update (1.52) from Zwift.
Improved the behavior of the “Keep Everyone Together” (i.e. rubber-banding) option in group rides to maintain more realistic speeds on routes with high gradients like Alpe du Zwift.”


I suppose it’s not dissimilar to using a bot to clock up the miles for a tron bike. you are getting something without having to put in the effort. Not sure with the most recent update the speeds might have been addressed in which case becomes a bit of a non issue.

Only other option I thought would be better is the tron unlock should be based on time spent climbing rather than actual elevation. Does an A cat rider deserve a tron before a D rider that has had to spend way more time on zwift earning it?

Yeah, that’s the part that just doesn’t stand up for me when I start completing sentences :slight_smile:

“It’s not fair to me…that some stranger got the glowy bike faster than I did.”

I suppose for racing that actually would start affecting people, though.

The time-based unlock is an interesting idea. I remember finishing my first IM and watching people who were just heading out for the run (I was not fast, to be clear, there’s just a broad spectrum), and thinking “wow, those people have had to work a lot harder than I did today.” For Zwift, I’d think you’d want to do some sort of (time spent) x (gradient) calculation, as 60 min spent on 12% is different from 60 min spent on 2%. But that would still allow the D rider to put in the time on that 12% even when they don’t get as far up the climb. I like it.

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A time based unlock wouldn’t necessarily be any better because the bots will just run laps to get the required time.

Maybe once unlocking the Tron you just then do certain number of ADZ laps per year to keep it. :wink:

I am not fussed, I got the tron a long time ago and never use it, the thing is a boat anchor uphill. :slight_smile:

I do agree that banded rides should be skewed more to the pace of the slower riders. Doesn’t need to be the slowest but slower.

Compared to the fastest option, it’s 22 seconds slower up the Alpe at 300W. Make of that what you will. In any route with significant flats and/or descents, that advantage disappears quickly. So it’s a pretty good climber and excellent aero bike.

But I think the point was not about people cheating, but about a kind of elitism. The genetically gifted rider will complete more vertical meters in less time than the slower rider. But they would not be able to complete ‘X number of hours riding uphill’ in less time than a slower rider. :slight_smile:

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