Bald is beautiful!?

I’ve seen a couple of posts going back a few years from fellow baldies asking about a bald avatar option, but no plans mentioned. I feel a bit of a fraud donning my wig every time I ride. Are we going to be allowed to ‘shine’ out amongst you hairy zwifters sometime soon? Surely it can’t only be bald legs out there?

Have you looked at the available ‘hair’ options? I thought there was one for bald, or at least close to it.

It’s more like a 6 o’clock shadow with a few days of growth added:


Yeah. That is definitely a sad approximation of ‘bald’.

I support this.

I helped a sixty-something-year-old man get onto Zwift recently and when he saw all the youthful-looking avatars with full heads of hair he actually said “none of these represent me”, which was a little sad. He still hasn’t completed his intro ride.

The current option of “I shaved off all my hair” isn’t the same as “I’ve lost some of my hair.”


Yes that Avatar is me and probably a lot of shiny headed males! Looks like my Action Man figure from childhood, just needs a cheek scar! It’s far from putting me off Zwift but it sounds like some people are very conscious of this omission and it’s a shame that their alienation puts them off participating.

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+1 to all that. My short-cropped avatar is a spitting image of what I looked like, about 20 years ago. Now, not so much. I don’t care hugely, after all I rarely see the top of my head. But others may be confused or think I’m trying to kid myself :slight_smile:

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