Bail out button for smart trainer users

(Matt Canna) #1

I love my kickr and it kicks my butt.  But the problem is sometimes i zone out on a long stretch, and if there is a sharp hill that i am 50x11, i will lock it up.  Meaning its my dumb fault  that i wasn’t paying attention to the grade, and i grind to a halt.

So a bail out button will essentially remove the tension to about .1 grade really quick, so when you are locked up you dont have come to complete stop. The button will just allow you to keep spinning.

After you press the button, it will give you like a 30 second window to get back in synch with your trainer and the game.

(GARNIER Stephane) #2

100% agree.

It happens that sometines I have to stop and close the application to unlock the situation Matt describes here.





(Duane Gran [Vision]) #3

I personally haven’t experienced this (I use a CompuTrainer) but I wonder if a better solution might be for the software to unlock (which I take to mean not simulate gradient) if cadence goes below a certain amount?  Zwift can’t tell if you are in a bad gear but it can see that you are turning 50 rpm and that probably isn’t good.

(Matt Canna) #4

Duane, some cadence sensors lag, and some have different ranges.  Turning below 50 rpm sometimes happens in the real world espeically if your trying to muscle some climbs.


The bail out is for those who are sometimes dumb like myself, whoo doesnt pay attention to the gradients, and get stuck in a wrong gear.

For example the second kom in richmond. Has a sharp descent then sharp descent.  I do this climb in primarily all big ring, and try to get into my lowest gear when my front wheel crosses the start of the climb.

But if i am texting a rider when this happens, and my dumb ass gets caught, the kickr will lock up.

(Steve Tinetti) #5

I have a Kick’r but have never experienced this. My buddy said his locked up under similar circumstances and it turns out his unit was defective.  You could also try going into settings and use the slider bar to adjust the hill difficulty to easy. See if that helps.

(Matt Canna) #6

Its not defective, and i will not set the slider to left LOL.  It has nothing to do with the kickr or program, it is what people call in my industry an IO error.  Otherwise known as an idiot operator error.

Its like a safety switch request for when the user is a f up  LOL.


(Cleve Waterman 69y/o) #7

I purposefully let the cadence go way down during workouts so that I get enough resistance (via erg) to standup on the pedals.  I need this to get circulation going to the nether regions.  Therefore, an automatic cutout for low cadence wouldn’t work for me.