Badges? Not Getting Enough Badges? How About Forum Badges?

Yes, there are more badges to accumulate in Zwift beyond what you get for riding your bike or running. There are badges for posting in this Forum!

I’m not kidding. Click on the three bar menu pull-down next to your profile button and you’ll see a “Badges” button. There’s all kinds of merit badges with getting started, community and so on. You’ll get them without doing anything but participating in the discourse here.

That’s how you can get privileges like posting emotis, pictures and links. And of course, the coolness factor… :roll_eyes:

I wonder if Gerrie has also hit the forum limit for Likes received?


Undoubtedly. And ZwiftHQ is not going to change the limit because there aren’t that many people who are approaching that limit so what would be the point? :smile:


You mean this one :sunglasses:

There isn’t an Acolyte badge for 730 consecutive days?

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I should have 2 of those, but for some reason you can only get it once.


I still haven’t got the first one. I do have the 100 days one at least. But man, 365 days is a long streak to not break even for a single day. =)

I’ve got Nice Reply 19 times.

I also have Sarcastic Bar Steward 23 times.


where is the badge for “snarkiest reply”? :rofl:

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Thank you Mark. I just thought I would check out the forum to learn where hidden badges might be. Thank you for the tip.