Badge not syncing in Ipad

I’m new and i just finished my second ride and did the Makuri Country Side Tour. Got total of 6 badges showing on my iphone but not on my ipad on same account. The score is updated along with kms, and xp except the badges which only says 1 :disappointed:. Is there a way to fix this? I already tried logging out and relogging to no avail. Pls help.

Did you have both devices logged in at the same time. That may be the cause.

If so how do i have my badges updated on my iPad? I closed the app on my iphone and loaded my iPad and it’s still not showing. Any help is appreciated.

Did you close the iPhone app after saving a ride? You may still be logged in on zwifts servers if you don’t exit the ride correctly. Also, force close the app on all devices, then log into only one at a time.