Bad YouTube link on Concept Z1 support page

On this page: Zwift How-To: Unlocking the Zwift Concept Z1 Bike | Zwift

There is a YouTube link that reports:

Video unavailable
This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.

Is the video still out there?

Following the Zwift link in your post, I see a YouTube URL towards the bottom of the page that appears to just be text, no hyperlink:

I also get a message saying the account has been closed, but then pasting the URL into a browser on my phone opens this video for me, which has the same title (almost):

Just a short video from 2018 of a rider hitting the 50k km point and getting the bike.

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Weird! Useless video. I guess it should just be deleted from that page.

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Thanks for the heads up. These news articles don’t get updated regularly like the support articles do, but I let the team that handles that sort of stuff know that the link is dead.

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Thanks, I didn’t realize I wasn’t looking at support info, maybe because it was titled “how to”. These pages could use a “report an error” link at the bottom.