Backdrop infrastructure

Suggestion for the graphics team… been a Zwifter for a couple of years and I think it is a fantastic app. It has taken indoor training to a super new level and is accurate and addicting. I would just like to see a balance in the background infrastructure. Currently I see a lot of windmills in some of the worlds and while yes this is one type of energy used globally, I feel it should be balanced out by showing some oil & gas infrastructure like some oil pumping units or tanks… as we all know, without oil & gas, none of us would be able to enjoy this app or even be able to build or ride bikes on pavement. Please balance this out. Thanks!

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It’s a game not the real world. Zwift would be swamped with complaints if they did what you suggest.

You do realize that the London course has the Battersea Power Station. Coal powered in its day.


Obvious troll is obvious. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, sure. Let’s muck up the scenery with electrical wires and telephone lines and a row of port-a-johns on the pier and a giant floating island of discarded plastics just offshore and some decomposing deer on the side of the road (w/ swarms of flies and smell-o-vision scent of decay!), coal-roaling douchebags, road-raging drivers and…

it’ll be just like real life.



you have got to be kidding

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Not sure why there would be complaints, we sure didn’t get to where we are because of windmills. Just want to balance it out and show appreciation to an industry that everyone enjoys the benefit of but at the same time wants to hate on.

Totally agree with you.
I could’ve said “No further comments”, but I do have some few “further comments”…

I think that those who replied in this topic, or those who decided not to reply in this topic, or those who decided even not to enter to this topic - all of them do not really understand the deep importance of this balance and your whole view and the whole proposition.
With all this in mind, I think that Zwift team should consider and go beyond those simple things as “balancing infrastructure”. More things could be done here on this extremely important subject.

I will give just one small supplementary example (but please keep it always in mind, that this is just a small example and we should not place any boundaries when speaking about the future of Zwift) :

  • Creation of a New Era Nuclear Zwift Dirty Zone with several nuclear power stations, tunnels under it and the whole nuclear waste area around it:

** this will add to the infrastructure and reality balance;
** it will definitely diversify the whole usual and boring scenarios of Zwift routes and general outlook;
** without any doubt it will shake up some minds and bring more hot discussions in mass medias about
Zwift, what will be resulted in higher rates of new Zwift user subscriptions and without any doubt new investment in future development of this part of the game.

Additional gaming features could be created on the basis of the New Era Nuclear Dirty Zone reality and Zwift future, such as:

  • zwift users who made more then 1000km (just an example, it could be also 2000 or even 5000km) or 100-200 laps around the Nuclear zone (including the tunnels under it) will receive a special Always-ON-Speed-Boost: one could use this special radioactive speed boost for 30 seconds each 30 minutes;
  • well yes, as a special achievement mark those users skin will become violet with green tones - this way any other rider will know that he is riding near a highly decorated New Era Nuclear Zwift Dirty Zone rider;
  • those new types of Zwift Nuclear Zone users will receive additional special boosts each XXXX km, but in order to balance the whole thing with other Zwift users, with those that for some unknown reasons decided to continue their boring and miserable life outside of the New Era Zwift Nuclear Dirty Zone, the new Nuclear Zwift riders live cycle will be reset each 12 months and they should start the whole cycle from the beginning with 0 points, new bikes and from a 0 lvl.
  • since most of us are still representing countries with at least some of the humanistic and democratic approaches , it would be cruel, non-human and unfair to force Zwifters to reset their account to zero.
    Thus, any New Era Zwift Dirty radioactive rider will have a choice at the mark of 12 months:
    ____1. His account will be reset to 0.
    ____2. His account will stay with all of the stats, lvl etc…, but he will become a zombie - a new Zwift Zombie - now, those of you who read this topic not for the entertainment purposes or reasons of boredom, but for investment opportunity purposes should feel it right away and hear the sound of the money music. The new Zwift Zombie riders will bring the whole new taste to Zwift! Those Zwift zombie riders will have new features (races of Zwift riders vs Zwift zombie riders, Zwift riders who enters by their own to the zombie zone could loose their Drops, their cool bike or even their lvl - etc…etc…etc… - no limits of possibilities here)

p.s. Now, without any doubt, just this plan with the New Era Nuclear Zwift Dirty Zone could bring hundreds of millions dollars of new investments to Zwift. You could show this plan As-It-Is without any business, style, grammar or other possible corrections and any reasonable and experienced investor will come on board.

p.s.2 if you are really care for the future of Zwift, please do not forget to vote for this topic.

p.s. 3 ___ F*** the ecology!** (sorry for my french) Please print this topic with as many copies as you wish, on any paper size or type that you wish and distribute it at your nearest mall (the weekend is coming, so do not deprive people from the knowledge and the unique opportunity to invest in Zwift).


Someone has way to much time on their hands!