“Back to today” in Companion event list

I rummage through the list of events quite a bit. Currently, it allows me to advance or reverse by one day, using the arrows on either side of the date shown.

A simple mod that’s somewhat standard in UIs; when you tap the date between the arrows for next/previous day, it returns you to the current date. A small tweak, but would be helpful…

A calendar would be useful. The design seems to target harebrained people who plan 30 minutes ahead. Try to select an event next week…

Try this one.


It annoys me that moving to different days doesn’t preserve the time you’re currently on, and instead chucks you to midnight. That would be a big improvement.

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Better. Not great - it’s still a long scrolling list - but better, you don’t have to wait 2 mins for each day to load.

It amazes me how many people are spending their time hacking around to patch Zwift shortcomings - ZwiftHacks, ZwiftInsider, ZwiftPower, ZwiftHub…

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Use the filters. Like I can only ride between 5am and 8am so I set a filter for 5-7am