"Back to me" button

I’ve would like improvement on when using pc and watching another rider. “Back to me” button is far away on the screen. Fiddling around when pushing is no good.

Make the use of like controlbutton or “M”=me to jump back nice and quick

When I stopped using mobileapp next to my tacx trainer I stopped having problems being disconnected. So more control just from keyboard

M is message key, but good idea. Suggest HOME key  :slight_smile:

True forgot about that one. How about “Return button” on 'cus the button on screen looks like Return.
Should be a button which is easy to find and reach. Preferably bigger.
Or… make the keyboard buttons to your own liking in game.

Good you like my idea. Please vote the small vote button up

This feature would be useful and maybe open up the possibility to remap you keys to your own preference… :smiley: