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Hi – I’m starting out. I have a Kickr v5 and have just started the “Back to Fitness” training. I’m not sure if my bike is set up correctly, so wanted your opinions.

The issue I noticed is that when I see an incline (ie 10%) on the right in the map on SWIFT, I would expect to need to pedal harder to maintain the required watts, but I feel no resistance. The resistance feels the same for -3 decline.
Is this due to the training program, or am I doing things wrong?

Don’t get me wrong, I am struggling when the program requires high watts (I do pant and sweat), but when I’m on an incline of 10% and the required watts is say 75, I would have thought I would need to stand and cycle just to get up the hill. My FTP is low at 170 :frowning: which I hope to improve.

are you connecting via ant+ or bluetooth? Is the kickr set as controllable in the pairing screen?

Workouts normally ignore the gradient on Zwift, so that it doesn’t interfere with the workout. You’ll feel no change in resistance going uphill, but you’ll find yourself going more slowly.

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Hi Rich – Bluetooth to a mac. How do I check the controllable setting? Have looked on the wahoo app and can not see that setting.

Thanks Steve, I do find that I’m going slower. Good to know that workout plans ignore gradients :+1:

Not on the Wahoo app…in Zwift in the sensor pairing screen, the top left is the Power Source and the lower right is Controllable…these two items need to have the same connection. I imagine it will show “Kickrxxxxx” or something similar.

Note: The image shows Ant+ connection…you will have Bluetooth…


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Hi Chris,
Understood. This is my setup:

thats connected normally then, if you are using workouts, as it has been mentioned gradient doesn’t really come into effect, try a normal ride around one of the watopia routes and see if the resistance increases with the gradient

Ouch …. Seems my setup is working :smiley: . I did a normal ride (my first) and a 5% incline was tough. Now I need to build my strength and stamina … the setup was the easy part! :slight_smile:

Thanks all