Back to basics training

I started this 12 week plan and did the first workout yesterday. I thought I would have that workout all week, then progress to the second one.
But today I didn’t have that option but was able to do the second…barely. Is this correct? You only get one time to do each weeks training plan?

Hi @Sara_Lutz, welcome to the forums.

The back to fitness training program looks like it has 2 workouts per week, once you complete one workout you move onto the next, you don’t do the same workout all week.

Thank you. I am not finding this intuitive at all.
I also tried to enroll in zwift 101 cycling and it says I will lose all my training. So I can’t do two training workouts at the same time?

No, you can’t enroll in two plans at the same time. You can do individual workouts outside of the plans however. The Zwift 101 plan is only one week and 4 workouts, some of them you can find in the individual workout menu. If you are looking for something that has more than 2 workouts per week consider ditching the back to fitness plan and trying the FTP builder plan (not the Build Me Up plan), this is a beginner plan and has 5 or so workouts per week.

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