Baby steps

Thanks…I will to find the app, I know the option comes up whenI log on, not sure where the event page is, not having used any of this before.
Is this meetup within the baby steps event or something independently arranged?
If I cannot sort it I will ride the baby steps alone and sort it for the next time

The meetup is a completely independent event, separate from Baby Steps. It’s at 14:00 GMT tomorrow, if that works for you.

Ok…I’m keen to join …it all depends on me finding the links etc!
Thank you…hope to meet at 1400.

Good morning …I’ve joined your ride…if I am warming up on another course (paris in this case) will the switch to your meet up happen automatically?, I only ask because I can’t see a way of manually switching events without shutting down and reloading everything…by which time I may miss your start.
Thank you Phil.

Yes. As with an official event, a “Join Event” button will appear on-screen when close to the scheduled time for the meetup.

Ok…won’t be able to chat once the ride has started though…can’t teach the keyboard!
BTW how long is your ride pls?

Looks like the ride is 26.7KM.

Do you use the phone companion app? It looks like you can message in the app also…although I personally cant text and ride :-). There are also buttons to wave and yell RIDE ON at the bottom of the app. maybe you could yell to say yes or agree with something that was chatted.

See you in 30 minutes!

Not sure about that…will check it out next time …

Disaster…computer kept crashing ,sounds like an excuse!! …blue screen appeared then I had to reload everything , last time gave up, thanks for waiting.

Just tried Baby steps and guess what it crashed again…everything freezes then get blue screen with message “unexpected error encountered “… this ONLY happens when on zwift, not on regular usage.
Anyone else had this?

I suggest checking your drivers, particular the graphics drivers to see if they’re up to date. You’ve got some sort of memory corruption occurring. While that could be a hardware fault (e.g. a bad memory module), it’s more likely to be a software issue like a driver issue.

Zwift stresses the graphics drivers, so it makes sense to particularly look at that area.

Bummer, you missed a good ride! The hill you ended on went on forever! thanks ■■■ I had the others to help pull me up or I’d still be there.

As for the error code you got “PFN LIST CORRUPT”, I googled it and it looks like it could be an issue with your RAM memory in your computer. I think that Zwift works your computer pretty hard, so maybe Zwift is pushing the RAM hard enough to get the issue. I’m no computer expert though so you might need some expert help.
Hope you get it all sorted out and get back out there! Good luck.

Yes I was gutted…especially after people waiting for me the first time!
Anyway nice to ride with you guys and will do so again as soon as I get this problem sorted.
See u again …

Ok…willdo thanks for your input