AWS Outage causing Zwift issues?

I finished my Duathlon bike race. Tried to start the Run race…but AWS prevented me…I bet…from connecting to the event. I was fully paired and ready to go but my avatar would not run, walk, or nothing. I never left the pen. Zero points. I kept seeing a connection failure message at the top of the screen.

Anyone else experience this ?

This sound like your sensors got disconnected or they went to sleep. Did you go to the pairing screen and try to un pair and re-pair?

nope. everything was fine. I am pretty sure it turned out to be Amazon Web Service outage affecting my connection. I had rebooted the pc 3x. Logged in etc. Everything was connected/paired…yet I had a “connection failure” message across the Zwift screen. So I think Zwift was affected by AWS outage.

That is referring to your sensors and trainer, not a connection to the server. If AWS goes down you won’t be able to log into Zwift.

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Given the lack of widespread reporting of issues I’m also of the opinion this is isolated to the OP setup.

I was doing some extensive testing yesterday which involved repeated login to Zwift and had no issues.

I noticed that TP was a bit slow to upload yesterday, but I did a couple of rides and had no issues.

Okay, thanks everyone. I guess it was something with my system. Seems odd that everything was paired and getting readings, etc. but yet no avatar movement.
Ok, close this down !

If it’s an ongoing problem for you Lee, perhaps throw your log file onto and see if that throws any light on the connection issues you may be having.

Thank you, I can try that. I believe this is an isolated incident. Frustrating that It was my Duathlon Run, last race, and I could not leave the pen. I was so bummed.

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I have had those new connection error messages occurring at the same time as having network outage symptoms like losing all other riders on the course while all my sensor data was displaying correctly. Possibly the connection error message applies to either sensor errors or network errors.

Is this a recent issue Hudson?
You might need to give more detail about what’s happened.

It’s a thread from two years ago …

it is a very slow connection.


Lol. My broadband is exceptionally slow, saw Dec 21 and thought it was yesterday!

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